Rough Luxe Hotel מלון בוטיק בלונדון

מלון בוטיק בלונדון, עם 9 חדרים בסך הכל ועיצוב שעושה לי חשק לעלות על מטוס...

      Gilbert & George watch over Reception
Guests at a Rough Luxe hotel might have a small room or a small shower cubicle, but the luxury is in the choice of the wine, the bed linen, the art on the walls and the people looking after you
Our look is a mix of old and new, furniture and art; combining colours and beautiful fabrics with cheap materials and existing distressed original walls. Cheap materials are treated as precious items and preserved for their beauty and memory of the site.


אתר המעצב-  http://studioa.rabih-hage.com    אתר המלון http://www.roughluxe.co.uk/

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